Sports and recreation

About sports and recreation:

The City of Živinice is extremely rich in sports and recreational content and facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

In addition to facilities and areas that are intended for training and competitions of professional athletes and recreationists, many other areas are available to all other citizens and visitors. Živinice City Hall was built in 2005. The capacity of the hall is used by many sports teams such as Handball Club "Konjuh", Women's Handball Club "Konjuh", Basketball Club Živinice, Volleyball Club "Stars" Živinice, Boxing Club Živinice, Martial Arts Club "Flek Tom Cat" Živinice, Dance Studio Dinna Živinice and other. Due to the large number of sports teams, the City Hall of Živinice often hosts numerous sports meetings, state and cantonal competitions. When it comes to courts in the central part of the city, there are two football stadiums "Slaven" and "Metalac". Football stadium "Slaven" is used by the Football Club "Slaven" and Women's Football Club "Fortuna", while the stadium "Metalac" is used by the Football Club "Metalac", as well as the participants of the Youth Football Club "Eurogol" Živinice.

When it comes to outdoor courts, there are two central basketball courts in Živinice. Basketball court in the city park "Konjuh" where the International 3×3 tournament has been held for four years. This is also the most visited and most popular basketball court because it is located in the Alley of the city park Konjuh. The other basketball court is located in the yard of the First Elementary School Živinice and is specially arranged in the spirit of urban (street) culture. In the city park "Konjuh" there is a unique football field with plastic grass, which is most visited during the summer months.
Right next to the football field, a tennis court is under construction, which will complete the sports offer in Živinice.
Thanks to the enthusiasm and activities of the Climbing Club "UP" Živinice, an artificial rock - a wall for sport climbing is under construction in the building of the Public Institution "Bosnian Cultural Center". One such wall already exists in the building in Rudarska Street Živinice, and is used by younger participants club "UP" Živinice.

In the area of the only sports airport in Bosnia and Herzegovina "Ciljuge" Živinice, which has an asphalt runway in the length of two kilometers and which is in operation all year round, there are several sports teams and numerous activities are held. Aeroclub "Fenix" Živinice holds "INFORMATION FLIGHTS" every day, throughout the year. Many citizens / visitors / tourists carry unforgettable memories and experiences from flights organized by the Aeroclub "Fenix" Živinice”. There is also a shooting hall of the Shooting Sports Club“ Konjuh” Živinice. Along the runway of the sports airport "Ciljuge" passes the first "highway" for bicycles in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the length of 2.5 kilometers. The bike path is used by many runners for their training because of its flat surface.