About agrotourism in the City of Živinice

Natural and quiet environment without noise, local food, getting to know the rural way of life and other tourist offers are the most important characteristics of rural tourism. In today's time of oversaturation with the urban way of life, more and more people are trying to find peace in rural areas.
The concept of agritourism is a continuation of ecotourism, and encourages visitors to experience agricultural life first hand.
Agrotourism is a form of tourism in which members of the local community offer a tour of their own agricultural project and thus allow the visitor to participate directly in the experience of planting, harvesting and processing food of a particular locality.

Family Association Family Rural Educational Center - PREC Živinice was founded in September 2014 and operates in the Tuzla Canton. PREC is part of a family network of over 1,000 French rural MFR schools worldwide and the first association of its kind in the Balkans. The association's premises are located in the old Elementary School of the Local Community of Gračanica, City of Živinice.
Udruženje PREC Živinice je udruženje porodičnih članova koje ima misiju ponuditi edukaciju prvenstveno ruralnom stanovništvu da na taj način se osposobe za zaposlenje ili samozaposlenje.

Education is conducted primarily in agritourism and agriculture for the youth, as well as adult students with professional and educated staff for a particular field. The goal is to help individual local businesses, crafts or farms, youth or adults improve business by providing knowledge in areas they need and relate to rural teritory. So far, two agrotourism trainings for adults, one agrotourism training for young people, one agriculture training for adults, sewing trainings for women have been realized, and the PREC mission continues with these activities. In order to promote the value of rural tourism / agrotourism, additional appreciation of villages and agriculture, cultural, historical, natural benefits of Tuzla Canton, local products, gastronomy and other values of this region, the Association of Families Family Rural Educational Center, as its main activity, organizes the event "Day of agritourism by PREC Education Center ". The aim is to raise the farmers awareness for a more modern approach to agriculture and better acceptance of innovations and new breeding technologies with a tendency to increase productivity and profits.

Primarni cilj udruženja je da kroz edukacije naizmjenične pedagogije (učenje prije svega iz prakse, sa njive i poslovnih struktura uz dopunu praktičnog i teoretskog znanja iz učionice) doprinese i pomogne u razvoju sela i ekonomskom jačanju polaznika obuka, članova/porodica PREC-a. Fokusirani su na mlade, djevojke i žene.
Rural tourism is an important factor in the development of rural areas and helps to preserve local identity, traditions and customs.

Section of the Cultural and Artistic Society Modrac sailors "Women for tradition" was created in November 2015. The idea of establishing a section was supported by the Tuzla Community Foundation in cooperation with the City of Živinice.
The goal of the Association was to inspire women from the local community to start doing something for themselves, their children and their community.
The Association has 20 active members.
The will and love to preserve and promote traditional handmade crafts has shown success, interest in the work of members of the Association has expanded and indigenous handmade crafts are being spread around the world.
Members of the Association sew and make all kinds of knits, crochet, embroidery on natural materials. From traditional embroidery and costumes to modern clothing items with different motifs.