athletic racing

About athletic races:

In the area of the City of Živinice, two street athletic races "Živinice race" and "Živinice for 10" are held. “Živinice race” is organized by the Martial Arts Club "Flek Tom Cat", while "Živinice for 10" is organized by the Cycling Club Živinice.

"Živinice race" in the length of four kilometers passes along the route of the narrower part of the city, through the two main city streets. The start and finish of the race is located in front of the Živinice City administration building, and every year a rich prize fund is provided for the winners. "Živinice race" has been traditionally held since 2016, and the best athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region ran the route of the race.

"Živinice for 10" is a street race in the length of ten kilometers. The race track is of the combined type, a part of the track is ran on the road, and a part is also ran on cross-country terrain through Sprečko polje. Because of this terrain configuration and track dynamics, the race is intended for all types of runners. A prize fund is provided for the winners in the men's and women's categories. Both races are free of charge, free participation is provided for all participants.