Paradise Lake Bašigovci

About Paradise Lake Bašigovci

Paradise Lake Bašigovci has been an important tourist destination for all visitors from Tuzla Canton and beyond for many years.
It is a very pleasant place for a one - day vacation and recreation for visitors from all parts of BiH, not only in summer season when temperatures are high, but also throughout the year because of the extremely beautiful landscape and scenery that is perfect for relaxing walks along the circular path around the lake.

"Paradise Lake", also called "Bašigovac Lake", is a mining-type lake and was created in 1984, when the exploitation of coal ore was stopped.
The lake is about 400 meters long and about 350 meters wide with a maximum depth of up to 40 meters in the middle.
Although it is a lake formed after the cessation of ore exploitation, this lake is adapted for safe stay of bathers in the water. The bottom is filled with gravel to level the inner terrain of the lake and reduce the slope, which eliminates the possibility of landslides.

Lake water has no pollutants, it is extremely clean. Iit supplies water from underground sources of solid capacity and a smaller amount is rainwater.
This is supported by the fact that the water level of the lake changes almost imperceptibly during droughts. Excess water from the lake creates a stream that finds its way to the river Spreča. The purity of the water is confirmed by the presence of bar shells. From the very beginning of the lake until today, various fish species have been brought to the lake. Freshwater jellyfish also live in Paradise Lake.

In the summer months, the lake is a real oasis for swimmers, divers and people looking for a relaxing day on the beach. During summer season, Lake Bašigovci is visited by up to 2,000 bathers a day, which means that it the secpmd most popular lake, just behind the Pannonian Lakes in Tuzla. The beautifully landscaped beach can be used throughout the year for walking, enjoying the fresh air and sports activities such as volleyball, fishing, football and the like.