Mountain lodges

About mountain lodges in the City of Živinice:

The Drenik Živinice Mountaineering Association was founded on June 19, 2003 in Živinice.
Mountain lodge "Drenik" is located in Gornja Visca on the site of Njivice at an altitude of 520 meters.
The distance of the mountain lodge is 13 kilometers from the center of the town of Živinice. It is located between the slopes of Djedinska mountain and Konjuh mountain.

Every year at the beginning of January, PD "Drenik" organizes regional meetings of mountaineers. It is also a unique opportunity for many nature lovers to get to know the most beautiful areas of Djedinska mountain and Konjuh mountain. in this zone there are several water sources that form smaller watercourses such as the river Višća which flows in the immediate vicinity of the mountain lodge which acts relaxing and makes the stay at the lodge very pleasant for visitors.

The facilities of the mountain lodge have a capacity of 30 beds, and the members of the Mountaineering Association "Drenik" every year further enrich both the interior and exterior of this beautiful mountain lodge in the heart of Djedinska planina.

From Njivice and the Mountain Lodge, you can reach the top of Djedinska Planina in 3 hours on marked hiking trails, with the possibility of choosing the direction of movement on one of the 4 trails (Drenovača, Potočari, Mravište and Javor). From the Mountain Lodge to Crvena stijena it takes 3 hours to walk, and to Djedovo kalem 2 hours and 30 minutes. From the top of Božika, the trails can be continued towards the central massif of Konjuh.
One of the possible routes starts from the village Djedino - Zenuni vrela - Gradinski krš - Božika - Drenovača - Njivice, Planinarski dom (520 m). The duration of this route is about 5-6 hours of walking.