Walking and running

About walking and running in the City of Živinice:

Surrounded by authentic beauty and fascinating biodiversity of Djedinska mountain, Konjuh mountain, and numerous hilly areas where there are beautiful villages whose rural landscape captivates every visitor, in the heart of the Spreča field lays the City of Živinice.
Every citizen, visitor or tourist can enjoy walking, cycling along the paths that pass through the center of Sprečko polje and it is only a ten minute walk away from the city center. It is a flat area, rustic and picturesque landscape, surrounded by dense forest and vast fields in the valley of the river Spreča.

During the seventies, two embankments were built next to each other, as a preventive measure against floods and spills of the Spreča River. The embankment on the left side is two kilometers long and is located next to the settlements of Jezero and Sjever, while the embankment on the right side leads into the interior of Sprečko polje. The section next to the hangar at the Ciljuge Sports Airport opens onto a bicycle path, which gives lovers of nature, runners, lovers of walks and active holidays an ideal path of up to 10 kilometers in one direction.
This is also the most popular destination for walking and running, especially because it is located only a kilometer from the city center, in a completely natural environment.
The street race "Živinice for 10" is also held on this track.

Bike park and picnic area "Rudine" is located in a beautiful pine forest. It has numerous trails for cycling, walking and running. After the initial ascent by Kopjević (Gornja Živinice) to a height of approximately 400 meters above sea level, all trails do not oscillate significantly on the ascent, so they are ideal for walks throughout the year for all visitors. The Rudina picnic area has two highest peaks - Rudina of 425 meters above sea level, which is located inside the picnic area, and Mramor (also a lookout point), which is at an altitude of approximately 450 meters above sea level. height and which goes towards the west side of the settlement Omazići (Banovići) and Priluk and Šerići (Živinice).

The area of ​​Gornja Višća, Đurđevik and Djedin (Živinice) due to its position surrounded by Djedin Mountain, is extremely rich in promenades, hiking and biking trails. next to the beautiful lake "Hadžije" Gornja Višća and passes through the settlement Mahala - Odorovići (Gornja Višća) goes to the Hunting Lodge "Toplica" - "Nadstrešnica". It is located in a beautiful setting of oak and beech forests. This trail is ideal for pleasant walks, and all those who want to add extra ascent and weight to this trail have the opportunity to continue their journey towards Djedov kalem, Drenik or the area of ​​Studešnica and visit the Tomb of Peja Marković. The most popular with the possibility of climbing to several peaks of Djedinska planina. The kindness of the members of PD "Drenik" and the ambient environment with many fountains and facilities for children, provides an ideal destination for hikers and mountaineers.

The trail to the mountain lodge "Drenik" Živinice is one of the most popular. It continues on after this resting area and visitors have the possibility of climbing to several peaks of Djedinska mountain. The kindness of the members of PD "Drenik" and the ambient environment, along with numerous fountains and facilities for children, provides an ideal destination for walkers and hikers.
The circular path for walking or running along "Paradise Lake" Bašigovci will give visitors the opportunity to visit the nearby necropolis of stećak tombstones and the building of the old Bosnian house.