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About swimming:

"Paradise Lake", also called "Bashigovac Lake", is a mining-type lake and was created in 1984, when the exploitation of coal ore was stopped.

The lake is about 400 meters long and about 350 meters wide with a maximum depth of up to 40 meters in the middle. with a maximum depth of up to 40 meters in the middle.
Although it is a lake formed after the cessation of ore exploitation, this lake is adapted for safe stay of bathers in the water. The bottom is filled with gravel to level the inner terrain of the lake and reduce the slope, which eliminates the possibility of landslides.
Lake water has no pollutants, it is extremely clean. Iit supplies water from underground sources of solid capacity and a smaller amount is rainwater.
This is supported by the fact that the water level of the lake changes almost imperceptibly during droughts. Excess water from the lake creates a stream that finds its way to the river Spreča. The purity of the water is confirmed by the presence of bar shells. From the very beginning of the lake until today, various fish species have been brought to the lake. Freshwater jellyfish also live in Paradise Lake.

There are many pools in the Tuzla Canton, but we can say with certainty that there is no such pool as "Toplica" which is located in the area of Lukavica Gornja-Živinica.
The uniqueness of Toplice is reflected in the spring water that flows into a pool and has a constant temperature of 20 - 22 degrees.
The water is not chemically treated and is ideal for all visitors and swimmers who love a completely natural environment.

Pools "ERNA" Priluk have an exceptional approach to guests and swimmers, a lovely pool arrangement, a large number of deck chairs, benches and umbrellas and superior services. All of that makes them one of the favorite places for swimming for all visitors from Tuzla Canton and beyond.
The pools have a daily capacity for 1,500 bathers, on a water surface of 600 square meters.
They are located in Priluk (Živinice) near the Old Priluk Mosque and near the exit to Lake Modrac.

In addition to the large pool, there is a children's pool, right next to it there is a restaurant that is open all year round and whose capacity is 450 people / guests.

In the area of the narrower part of the city zone in Križaljka (Živinice) on the road Živinice-Banovići, there are also AQUA Živinice swimming pools.

Within the AQUA swimming pool complex there are various facilities, and a restaurant with various dishes, hot and cold drinks is available to visitors. During the season, numerous themed parties are held at the pools, and it is a favorite place for going out, all day and socializing during the summer season for many citizens from the Tuzla Canton.