Ethno courtyards and gardens

About ethno courtyards, gardens and ponds:

Due to its extremely favorable geographical position and dynamic relief shape where it alternates between plains and hilly areas interspersed with numerous rivers and streams, Živinice has numerous ethno gardens and ponds visited by many domestic and foreign guests.

Ethno Avlija Mačkovac is located only five kilometers from the turn towards the famous picnic area Zlača from the direction of Živinice.
In addition to the excellent gastronomic offer, Ethno Avlija Mačkovac is a small open-air museum.
When you step into the Ethno Courtyard, a feeling of going back in time at least a hundred years, takes over. In a typical Bosnian ambience, you can see old Bosnian shepherd's houses, mills, workshops and other ancillary facilities just as they once looked.
Tens of thousands of authentic old objects on display,once used in a Bosnian household, also contribute to this atmosphere. Here you can try traditional Bosnian dishes directly from the open fireplace and drink Bosnian coffee in an old - fashioned tavern, and wander back to some ancient times sitting in a peaceful environment next to the murmur of water and the chirping of birds.

Ethno fishpond Gornja Višća is located at a distance of six kilometers from the central part of the city zone Živinice, in Đuvelika.
The ethno pond is positioned in a very green environment with a view of the surrounding hills and dense forest areas.
The pond is supplyed by natural spring water.
In a 3,000 square meter area, there are four ethno houses, fifteen summer houses and a restaurant.
During the summer season, due to the extremely attractive landscape and excellent gastronomic offer numerous celebrations are heldon the Ethno Pond Gornja Višća property.

Ethno restaurant Bardak is located in Podgajevi, on the right side of the road Živinice - Sarajevo. The interior of the restaurant is extremely ambient, surrounded by a natural landscape with the murmur of the river. The gastronomic offer abounds in specialties from traditional Bosnian cuisine.

Priluk Pond is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from the center of Živinice.
It is located in the center of a pine forest.
The pond is open all year round. It has an indoor area for smokers and non-smokers. Visitors have the opportunity to see many domestic animals that are located in a special fenced part of the Priluk Pond. It has 56 open and closed - type tables.
The main specialties are river and lake fish with delicious home-made wheat bread.