About cycling:

Thanks to the dynamic relief that is reflected in the combination of trails in hilly and mountainous areas, Živinice is one of the most popular destinations in the Tuzla Canton, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina for all cycling enthusiasts.

Živinice is a "bike friendly" city, that has built a "highway" for bicycles with the length of 2.5 kilometers.
Bicycle highway - bicycle path is located in the area of Ciljuge on the left side of the road Živinice - Ciljuge - Bašigovci, along the runway of sports airport complex Ciljuge.
During the season, the City of Živinice offers free bike rental to citizens / visitors / tourists who intend to use them for tourist or recreational purposes.

You can rent a free bicycle in the building of the City administration of Živinice.
Bicycles can be rented every day from 07:30 to 16:00, with the possibility of using the bike for 24 hours, and on Fridays it is possible to rent a bike for several days - weekend days (Saturday and Sunday).
Bicycle parking stands have also been set up at important city locations.
Thanks to the enthusiasm of the Živinice Cycling Club and the support of the City of Živinice, up to 50 trails have been marked in the entire area, ranging from less demanding to extremely demanding and ideal for cyclists and athletes preparing for major competitions.
Every bike path in the area of the city of Živinice is also suitable for hiking tours, trail running, walking and staying in nature.
Živinice also has a unique "bike park" on Rudina (Gornje Živinice - Kopjevići - Šišići) which was marked and arranged by the Cycling Club Živinice.
The top of Rudina is at an altitude of 425 meters above sea level.
The whole area is covered with pine forest.

Wide trails that do not have a large slope are ideal for family cycling, and the very top of Rudine is located a little less than eight kilometers from the narrower part of town.
All trails used in the area of Živinice are available on the Komoot profile of the Cycling Club Živinice: