mountains and picnic areas

About mountains and picnic areas:

Surrounded by authentic beauties and fascinating biodiversity of Djedinska mountain and Konjuh mountain, and numerous hilly areas where there are beautiful villages whose rural landscape captivates every visitor, in the heart of the Spreč field is the town of Živinice.

The dynamic mountainous relief that blends harmoniously with the plain part abounds in dense forests, rivers and streams. Djedino mountain is named after the village of Djedino, which is located on its northeastern slopes. According to written documents, before the arrival of the Turks, Bogumils lived in this area, whose elder was called "Grandfather", after whom the village was named. When it comes to Djedinska planina, part of the public considers it part of the unique Konjuh mountain, while others consider it to be a separate mountain.

The highest peaks of Djedinska planina are: Suhodrvlje (1177 meters above sea level), Šuplji javor (1180 meters above sea level) and Božika (1115 meters above sea level). one of the highest peaks of Djedinska planina
There are also two caves in the area of Djedinska planina: Hajdučka and Zenunovačka caves and several smaller insufficiently explored caves.
At an altitude of 520 meters there is a mountain house "Drenik" in the locality of Njivice, at the foot of Djedinska mountain, 13 km away from the center of Zivinice. This is also the most popular picnic area in the area of Živinice.

In Višća Gornja, in the settlement of Odorovići above Lake Brestovica and the settlements of Hadžije brdo and Mahala, there is a "Canopy" which is used for its activities by the section of the Hunting Society "Toplica",resting and walking. The trails are extremely suitable for mountain biking, and this locality connects with Studešnica on one side, and through Crvena stijena - Djedovog kalema - Lađe - lookout point Javor - exits to Njivice where PD "Drenik" is located. Only five minutes from the of the city center is Sprečko field, plain part, rustic and landscape surrounded by dense forest and by spacious fields for grazing. This part of the city is used by many citizens for walking, enjoy nature.