Traditional Bosnian house Puzić

About traditional Bosnian house Puzić:

Bosnian house is the name for the basic architectural and urban ensemble in the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period from XVI to XIX. century, made in the style of Ottoman architecture.

In the area of Barica (Živinice) there is an autochthonous Bosnian house of the Puzić family.
It is a family house restored by Mirsad Puzić, a successful entrepreneur who works and lives in Germany.

Due to the special ambience, numerous cultural and artistic events are held at this location.
The house also houses a permanent exhibition of folk costumes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, performed by the Craft Shop "Narodna Nosnja" in Živinice, owned by Ajša Puzić.
The Bosnian house is characterized by an architectural ensemble consisting of: a house, a courtyard and a garden.
The building of the Bosnian House as well as its specially arranged garden will delight every guest and visitor.